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Mental Health

Three in four people experience mental health issues such as depression & anxiety at some point in their life – therapy can help alleviate symptoms There

Sexual Performance Anxiety

Are you too body & performance anxious?  It’s time to enjoy making love and having beautiful sex, without anxiety. Measuring up We are more sexually liberated today

Performance Anxiety

Terrified of the audience? How to deal with performance anxiety Freezing in front of an audience is a common phenomenon. No matter how accomplished some people

Plastic Surgery?

Learn to love the body you’re in! It’s all too easy in this day and age to be self-critical, to believe by changing how you look

Dealing with depression

Feeling down, sad, lost and heartbroken? Before resorting to anti-depressants, take a few minutes to read on: What’s the usual thing we do when we perceive something

Protecting Children

Protecting children (and yourself)   It’s a whole new challenge now   Protecting children – it’s a natural human instinct and absolutely central to our idea of civilised