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Drink less alcohol

Do you worry about your drinking?


Alcohol is fine in moderation but most of us are drinking more than is healthy. Alcohol affects every part of the body and also speeds up ageing.


If you want to look good, feel good, live a long and happy life then it is important to drink in moderation.


I recently helped someone from Red Magazine to reduce drinking.

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I have discovered drinking less doesn’t alter my enjoyment.

Tips for social occasions…


Always start the event with a long soft drink. We humans like to settle ourselves into new situations; usually we are a bit self-conscious, not quite at ease, so we will drink whatever is in the glass, which can mean we are pissed before the party has even started!


By the time you have sipped your soft drink you will probably be much more comfortable in your surroundings and less likely to drink too much alcohol.


Pace yourself – have a soft drink, then an alcoholic one, and then a soft drink. Remember alcohol is dehydrating, rehydrate with soft drinks, you will feel much better.


I bet at the end of the evening or event, you will feel much better, more awake and will remember what you have said.


The next morning you will feel good.

All your relationships will improve, as you are now much more in control of your life.


If you worry about drinking too much at times, then this recording will help you remain in control. Lots of encouraging and positive suggestions help you to become more aware of really looking after your body.


Relaxing hypnosis calms and soothes you while my suggestions for being healthy settle happily into your sub-conscious mind.


Drink Less Alcohol – a Course consisting of 4 recordings to help you take control of your drinking

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