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Hypnotherapy is commonly used to help with anxiety and depression, phobias, pain management, childbirth, weight control, smoking, sporting performance, ED, presentation skills. As well as confidence-building, breaking negative or undesirable habits and improving sleep.





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Hypnotherapy can be, quite simply, amazing. It is even sometimes used instead of a general anaesthetic during surgery!

Harnessing the power of your mind through my Hypnosis services, which are genuinely transformative. You may be surprised that hypnotherapy can be so effective it’s even occasionally utilised as a substitute for general anaesthesia during surgeries!

The core of my hypnotherapy services lies in empowering you to control your mind, allowing the creation of new neural pathways that reinforce healthier habits and nurture personally chosen belief systems.

As an experienced hypnotherapist, my services extend beyond this, encompassing confidence-boosting, breaking away from unhelpful habits, and improving sleep quality.

Disposing of a common myth is crucial: hypnosis isn’t about relinquishing control. Instead, it’s about you gaining it. My hypnotherapy sessions are here to equip you with the tools and techniques to exercise control over your mind.

Erase any misconceptions you may hold: hypnosis isn’t a process that can be forced upon anyone. At the heart of hypnotherapy is a dual focus – deep relaxation in tandem with deep concentration.
This unity of mind and body works harmoniously to promote healing.

Undergoing hypnosis with me, you find yourself in a deeply relaxed state while maintaining a keen awareness of everything around you – an enhanced state of consciousness, all while you stay firmly in control.

The profound concentration achieved through my hypnotherapy services helps you eliminate distractions, overcome limiting beliefs, and visualise a more optimistic future scenario.

This process paves the way for accepting suggestions to modify your thought patterns, ultimately leading to behaviour changes or enhancements.

As a fundamental part of my hypnotherapy services, you’ll receive recordings to practise and reinforce the processes at home. These solidify our collaborative work and set the stage for deeper exploration in subsequent sessions.

Get in touch today to discuss a hypnotherapy session. I am happy to answer any questions you may have about hypnosis services.



Freezing in front of an audience is a common phenomenon. No matter how accomplished some people…


    • think positively
    • be true to yourself
    • be kind, always
    • don’t be afraid
    • laugh often