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How do you know if you need marriage counselling?

How do you know if you need marriage counselling?

Here’s a check list of things that may indicate you would benefit from Marriage Counselling

  1. You have stopped sharing your thoughts, plans and dreams.
  2. You tend to be irritable with one another.
  3. You are more involved with your ‘phone texts, message, social media than with one another.
  4. Instead of relaxing into one another’s arms, you relax into a bottle of wine.
  5. Can’t remember the last time you made love.

Often we begin married life in a haze of romance and desire, utterly spellbound by our partner, paying close attention to their wants and needs. After the honeymoon real life begins and the normal pressures of daily life hit. Paying rent/mortgage, commuting, often long hours working and too little time to switch off.

As marriage progresses then children may come along, which is wonderful, but as both of you may be working, there’s the added pressure of managing childcare and the expenses involved.

Not losing sight of and maintaining that initial closeness, love and sharing of emotions and problems helps ensure a happy and lasting marriage.

Most of us, after a while, start to take our partner for granted, stop paying attention in the way we did in the early days, marriage counselling helps you both to reset your relationship, bringing you closer, helping you to be kinder to one another and to yourself.

There is a lot of artificiality in modern life, married couples have “date nights”. Marking a date night in your dairy is making a natural action potentially very stressful. It’s like “I must be on top form for our date night”, rather than just making time for a cup of tea, chatting and lovemaking. We’re all too bound up in outward (often stressful) displays of “love”, which I put in inverted commas because real love doesn’t need to be displayed. It’s Valentine’s Day we must spend a lot of money to show we love one another. Your marriage is just between the two of you, it’s so simple and easy to be happy, just love one another, share everything, be each other’s rock in times of need. All you need is love and it is totally free.

Marriage Counselling exists to help you explore difficulties, understand one another, make plans on how you both would like to move forward, helping you both feel confident, loved and loving within your marriage.

For most your marriage will be the impost important and long lasting relationship you have, it is precious, so it’s vital you both pay attention to and care for your marriage.

Sometimes a marriage will not work out, marriage counselling is there to help you both navigate the pain of breaking up. Marriage counselling helps you both reach an understanding of why you are splitting up. Understanding is like a magic key, if you understand the reasons for splitting you are able to move on more easily, without understanding you can be left feeling utterly stuck.

Life is for living and it’s important to live your happiest life.

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