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Spring Clean Your Life!

Spring Clean Your Life!

It’s springtime!  Time to take on new challenges, explore new ways of living and loving, creating the kind of life you want to live.

Days are longer, the light is brighter, green leaves unfurling on the trees and flowers brightening gardens and pathways. We quite literally now walk with a “spring” in our step, feeling lighter and more energetic after the long Winter months.

So why not use this time not only to spring clean your home, but to spring clean your life! Plant new seeds, tend them and watch as they grow.

Is there something you would really like to achieve? Just check that you are not putting obstacles in your way by focussing on unimportant tasks.

So often we feel guilty and keep ourselves busy with the unimportant. This is because most of us are brought up to believe we are being selfish if we pursue our own needs.

The big “But” is that you only have this one life, that we know of, and it is vital that you enjoy your life and are enriched by it, so spring clean your life by achieving something you have always wanted. Empower yourself, who knows what you can do until you try. If you have a family, why not suggest they too, go for their dreams, or join you in yours.

Spring clean your love life! In the first flush of love we pay close attention to each other, absorbing tiny bits of information about our lover, their favourite music / food / colour, hanging on to, and treasuring, their every word. As time passes we become used to one another and often so comfortable that we begin taking each other for granted.

So put some spring back into your love life and renew the passion and romance you had at the start of your love affair.

Stop putting off until tomorrow, be pro-active, the more you achieve, the more energy you will generate, which in turn builds your self-esteem and confidence. Spring is a time to de-clutter, to throw away rubbish and make everything tidy, organised and easily accessible.

Spring is the ideal time to slim down your life so spring clean your body and mind, eat healthily, exercise and go easy on alcohol. The food you eat has a very definite effect on both your body and mind. Healthy food means a healthy body and mind – raises energy and stamina levels too. Always have 3 meals a day, breakfast is essential, porridge for example can reduce anxiety levels. Put a real spring in your step by eating light, clean and clear foods and drinking fresh juices and water.

Longer days, lighter evenings, sunshine, all contribute to a more leisurely way of life, and there is nothing better than time with your family, relaxing around the dining table and sharing food and conversation, laughing, talking and bonding, so good for all of you.

Go for an evening walk, or cycle ride, play tennis or some activity with your partner, friends or children. It’s so good to make the most of the better weather and it really lifts your spirit.

Live in the moment, remember the present is when you are alive, the past is gone and the future yet to come – so be aware of the present moment, when you eat really taste each morsel, listen to the music, appreciate a tender touch. Notice how good you feel when you do something nice for someone.

Really see your surroundings, notice the changing colours as Spring merges into Summer. See how dewdrops sparkling like diamonds in sunshine, notice the incredible intricacy of a spider’s web, the smell of new mown grass, the sweet scent of honeysuckle. So much beauty around and yet all too often we miss it as we get stuck in the minutiae of everyday life.

The world is at your feet, it’s Spring, and Summer is just around the corner!– so go for it, don’t just live a little – live a lot. Call 01438 832957 and begin your changes NOW!

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