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Being Assertive (video)

Being Assertive (video)

One in a series of conversations with Neville Hunt.


Assertiveness is all about having the confidence to express your thoughts, feelings and ideas without fear. It’s about truth, honesty and respect, both for yourself and others. When you are assertive you are powerful, that’s not power over others, but your power to be heard and understood.


Not to be confused with aggression which is all about being out of control, fearful and powerless.


Too often we veer between passivity and aggression, neither of which enable us to feel in control, both of these serve to frustrate and undermine our self belief and self worth.


Being assertive frees you, values you, it is so important to feel you are heard and understood. It’s empowering too, to be able to listen and understand other points of view without needing to agree or compromise your viewpoint.


If you’d like help to be more assertive, call me: 01438 832957

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