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Fear of Flying

Fear of Flying

One in a series of conversations with Neville Hunt.


Fear of Flying is a common problem, and one which means you miss out on holidays abroad, visiting family or friends, maybe even career opportunities. It is a fear which can easily be overcome with hypnotherapy.


Firstly it’s important to put your fear in context, to understand why you feel scared. Usually it is because flying is not (for most of us) an everyday experience, it is something infrequent and special. If you flew everyday, then the chances are you would be relaxed, take flying for granted, just as you do being in a car, or on a train.


For most people there is a fear of being out of control, panicking, or feeling claustrophobic, but these feelings are aroused because you are not in control, you are not flying the plane, don’t know how to fly, are not sure whether to trust the plane, pilot and crew.


I help you understand your fears, to know that what you are feeling is rationally based, to understand, clearly, how safe flying is, how you can relax when flying and actually enjoy the journey.


You are provided with personal recordings which enable you to relax, feel confident and in control, as well as helping you actually enjoy the experience of flying, arriving quickly at your destination, feeling so good about your achievement, and really experiencing the pleasure and excitement of travel.


If you would like to know more, just call me: 01438 832957


(Some people experience anxiety/fear from other forms of transport too, but therapy can easily help overcome your fear)

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