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Social Media Addiction?

Social Media Addiction?

Social Media – Habit or Addiction?

An addiction is when we experience a compulsion to indulge in certain behaviour, such as social media. We feel compelled, absolutely driven, and unable to control the urge.

Many of us can get into the habit of indulging in potentially addictive behaviour, but if it’s just a habit we are able to stop that behaviour without any real difficulty.

Another way to put it is: Addiction = Out of Control, Habit = In Control.

How an individual’s brain chemistry works plays a big part in whether we are likely to have addictive tendencies/problems.

Those lovely feelings of pleasure and satisfaction we experience through sex, food, music to name just a few are triggered by the release of endorphins, chemicals produced by the brain which make us feel good.

Social media, for some people, can give those good feelings for very little effort, and for those prone to addictive behaviour, makes them want to keep repeating the experience, so they become addicted to whatever site seems to fulfil their desires.

Here are some tips for a positive digital de-tox:

Exercise is a great way to get those lovely endorphins going, you’ll feel so good knowing you are helping yourself to be healthier too!

Music is a wonderful way to switch off and relax, use it to lift your mood. Listen on your way to and from work, a great way to unwind.

Food – spicy foods, dark chocolate and red wine all have that feel good factor, just remember to enjoy in moderation though!

Laughter – what better way to feel on top of the world than having a really good laugh. Especially with a group of friends, shared laughter is the best!

Friendship – make time to be with others in the real world, whether family of friends, there’s nothing better than companionship for giving us good feelings, as well as comfort.

Relax – make time to take a long relaxing bath, read a book, take up sketching – do something real instead of virtual, relaxing will release those pleasurable endorphins.

Plan – make plans to do something special in your free time – whether it is learning to kite-surf or flower arranging – having things to look forward to will boost good feelings.

Pay Attention – live in the present, really notice what is around you, the sky, the scenery, the colours of nature, the sound of birdsong, the smell of woodsmoke, the temperature of the air, the sweet scent of flowers. Be really aware of how good all these things are, and so easy to miss when you’re attached to your ‘phone, iPad or computer.

Try the digital de-fox for 2 weeks and I’ll bet you will feel so much better in every way.



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