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Marriage Counselling

A clear path to serenity and happiness

What to expect from marriage counselling

What to Expect

Sessions are confidential, aiming to help you feel safe, heard, understood and valued.

You will both be asked what you would like to achieve from your couple counselling sessions.

Often relationships break down due to poor communication, so the way you communicate with one another will be explored. Good communication is the key to any relationship, being able to understand and listen to one another to discuss concerns as they arise rather than stay silent and build resentment. Some couples are looking for a way to separate without animosity, this too can be explored.

The initial session will endeavour to help you explore what you want to achieve.

You will both have an equal opportunity to express the concerns that have brought you to seek counselling.

The safe space provided in counselling encourages and enables couples to speak out about their concerns, and listen to one another without feeling threatened and/or becoming defensive.

A good relationship is built on mutuality and compromise, or put simply, sharing. Sharing love, hopes, and dreams as well as sharing difficult times.

How marriage counselling can help your relationship

Learning Together

As sessions progress you will be learning to understand, acknowledge and manage your expectations and emotions. To recognise and understand one another’s boundaries.

You will both have the opportunity to explore your feelings around intimacy, how to rekindle, or improve any issues around lovemaking.

Why try marriage counselling?

Learning about yourself and your partner can be exciting and liberating. It will enable you both to move into the life you choose, rather than feel forced into.

If love was there in the beginning it can certainly be there now. Your sessions enable you to clearly understand yourself and your partner, to move into a happier life together, if that is the wish of you both.

Usually people feel a real sense of relief after their first session as they have been able to put into words, in a safe environment, what they are experiencing.

How many sessions each couple needs varies, but this will be discussed during your therapy.

Counselling is not just for relationships in crisis

Marriage Counselling offers an opportunity to revitalise your relationship. Do you remember those early days when you shared your hopes and dreams, when you couldn’t wait to be together, when you spent hours making love? As a relationship progresses all too often we stop sharing and caring. Sometimes we can be resentful of our partner, as the old saying goes “you always hurt the one you love”, instead of sharing thoughts and feelings in the way we did in the early days, we separate, getting lost in our own thoughts and feelings. We stop sharing anxieties of work, money, health, etc.We get grumpy instead telling our partner what is upsetting us and asking for help and advice. Trying to juggle children/work/home puts a strain on couples too in modern life where both partners are working. Counselling helps you adjust your work/life balance and improve your relationships with one another, making for a happy family life.

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Marriage counselling for couples and individuals

Marriage Counselling helps both couples and individuals. You don’t need to come to a session with your partner, you can come alone. I work with Couples, sometimes individually, sometimes a mix of couple and individual sessions, it depends on what seems appropriate for each couple/person.

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